PBOC sets USD/ CNY reference rate for today at 6.8252 (vs. Friday at 6.8121)

 People's Bank of China  

FX option expiries for Monday September 28 at the 10am NY cut


Yen crosses getting hit

EUR/JPY in particular, down to under 122.40 (straddling the level as I post)

NZ election - weekend report shows Ardern on track for a comfortable win

The closely watched Newshub-Reid Research Poll was released on Sunday As seats the numbers translate to: Ardern governs at present with support of another party, that in coalition. The numbers at present give here the ability to form a government without coalition support. 

Westpac have cancelled their October RBA rate cut forecast

Now forecasting November instead  NAB is October or November

Oil trader Vitol says prices have little room to rise in the next quarter because global demand growth is faltering

Weekend comments from Vitol Group executive committee member Chris Bake. Crude prices will have little room to rise in the next quarter Vitol is a Dutch energy and commodity trading company.

Apple is hiring (in China)

Chinese media reports that several Apple contract factories are recruiting staff with record-high bonuses of up to 15,000 yuan ($2,199) per person.  - And that this reflects both the market's resumption from the disruption caused by the pandemic and upcoming Apple product launch in October

Coronavirus - UK government preparing a total social lockdown across much of northern Britain

So reports the Times on COVID-19 developments in the UK.  Lockdown in response to the accelerating (still) numbers of new covid cases    Times report is here (may be gated)

Recap of weekend data - China industrial firm's profits grew for the 4th straight month inAugust

Industrial company profits for August in China were published over the weekend. China's recovery has been ahead of most on a first-in-first-out (from the virus) basis, bringing together a number of factors:

Buckle up for Brexit talk day - final round of scheduled tasks begin Monday

The deadline is on approach, today in Brussels the final round of negotiations begin between the EU and UK. Its already been a choppy kick off to the week for GBP. Optimism:

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