Oil extends slump to 4% in a fall to the weekly low

WTI down $2.65 to $63.42 There is some good news on oil today with Indian virus cases looking like they're cresting but there's no good news in the oil market.

Macklem Q&A: Canada is about 700,000 jobs shy of where it should be

Comments from the BOC governor in the audience Q&A: Macklem will hold a media Q&A at the bottom of the hour.

European equity close: Stock markets shake off the blues

Closing changes for the main European bourses: It was a mixed picture but it was a much nicer one than a few hours ago. The DAX had been down as much as 2.2% before finishing higher. That's an impressive turnaround.

EURGBP moves back to 50% midpoint of the April/May range

50% midpoint at 0.8595 The EURGBP has moved lower in the last hour or so of trading after a move higher earlier in the day. The move lower has returned to the 50% midpoint of the April/May trading range at 0.85952.  

BOC's Macklem: QE can widen wealth inequality by increasing asset values

Comments from the BOC governor: The topic was on addressing an inclusive economy so these comments are about what you would expect. It's a bit rich though given the size of Canada's QE in the past year. Perhaps though it's a small sign that Macklem will taper rapidly.

Macklem speech is a risk beyond CAD

Bank of Canada governor to speak at the top of the hour BOC Governor Tiff Macklem will speak at 11 am ET. I don't expect any market moving headlines in the speech, which on the 'benefits of an inclusive economy' and isn't embargoed.

USDCAD stays above the 100 hour MA. Still has work to do if buyers to take control

Risk defined by the 100 hour MA at 1.2118 The USDCAD moved above its 100 hour moving average for the first time since May 5 into the close yesterday, and although there was eight dip back below in the Asian session for a couple hours, the price rebounded back above and has been able to stay above for the last 11 or

Fed's Barkin: Housing is booming and consumer confidence is skyrocketing

Comments from the Richmond Fed President He's continuing to speak and no doubt he will follow this up with a comment that it's too early to talk about tapering.

GBPUSD trades between wide hourly MAs

A wide road for buyers and sellers The GBPUSD trended higher rapidly on Friday and again on Monday on the back of a weak jobs report in the US and rotations in Scotland would not have a referendum soon. When the price rises so quickly - with little in the way of corrections - the spread between the 100 and 200 hour MAs can stay

Stocks open higher and hope to snap a three day slide

NASDAQ leads the way with a gain of 1% A snapshot of the market a few minutes into the opening shows:

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